Search engine optimization can be very difficult to do for a beginner. It can feel like an uphill battle and the rankings might seem just out of reach. There are many factors to consider while executing an SEO campaign. The truth is that you may be in a niche that has very high competition or you may not know the right keywords to use.  Here are just a few ideas that can help get you out of the rut you are in and they involve finding out what your competitors are doing that isbringing them success.


You can start by finding out who your competitors are. They could be those people who have websites in the niche you are in, or they could be websites that are using the same keywords as you and are ranked better than you for one reason or the other.  Begin by searching on Google using the keywords that you consider your main keywords.  Next write down the names that pop up at the top of the serps list because these are the competitors you need to look out for.

After you have found out who your competitors are, it is time to do some analysis. Visit their sites and get as much info as you can.  Ask yourself: are they professionally built, what is the quality of the content, how much content is there, are they using dynamic URLS? Secondly, find out what keywords they have used in their search engine optimization as this is vital to your success.  At the same time find out where the keywords have been placed.  Are they in the URLs, metatags, headings, image tags or all?  It is also important to take note of the backlinks that the competition has as they play a big role in an SEO campaign. Armed with this information you can look forward to seeing more results from your SEO efforts and with that an increase in traffic.