Warm sand that tickles a kid’s tiny feet, tropical sun that shines brightly above seven hundred tropical skies, and friendly and hospitable locals. What’s not to love in The Bahamas?

Bahamas, more properly called Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is a collection of islands located near Cuba. With tourism powering its economy, The Bahamas welcomes a steady stream of visitors looking for all inclusive Bahamas vacations.

The Bahamas is famous for a gamut of tourist attractions, the most famous of which are its extravagant beaches. White sand, blue ocean water, and bright skies, – Bahamas beaches are known to be one of the best in the world.  Its exotic tropical climate is a welcome treat for every man, woman, and child. Consisting of 700 islands – 660 of them uninhabited – Bahamas’ tropical climate and awe-inspiring beaches undeniably makes vacationers come running for an all inclusive Bahamas getaway.

all inclusive bahamasThe Bahamas has friendly locals and even friendlier ambassadors. One of their newest programs, the People-To-People Experience, lets its vacationers experience the true Bahamas culture – festivals, cuisine, dances, and many more. As a part of an all inclusive Bahamas vacation, a volunteer Bahamian guide will be paired to a tourist so that he or she will fully be immersed in the wonderful Bahamian culture. This program also aims to develop long-lasting camaraderie among locals and vacationers.

To avail of this unique opportunity, a vacationer should inform the Bahamian government (through its official website) beforehand his/her intention to travel to The Bahamas. An all inclusive Bahamas vacation is recommended. The traveller should also state his or her interest. This information will be used so that the whole vacation will be tailored to the vacationer’s preference. Truly, Bahamas only wants to provide the best experience for its guests.

There are many positive testimonials regarding the People-To-People Experience. Some say that tour guides are very competent – not only do the guides take them to different jaw-dropping tourist spots, they also take the initiative to show them sweet spots – places not shown on the map – that is both awe-inspiring and picture worthy. One satisfied tourist says that more people should avail of this excellent program.

People who had an all inclusive Bahamas getaway experience are also invited to share his/her experiences and be an ambassador to their People-To-People Experience program.

Aside from being friendly and hospitable, the Bahamian people are also skilled with their hands. They can create intricate bags, purses, cushions, briefcases, and many more using coconut straws. Local handicraftsmen are masters in creating fine jewellery made from coral glass pearls, tamarind and Poinciana pod seeds, and conch coral shells. Local cuisine such as sweets and fruitcakes are also sold on numerous stalls around beaches. A vacationer can also buy collectibles, ceramics, and Bahamian music as souvenirs.

An all inclusive Bahamas vacation isn’t only for the grandiose beaches. It is also for the cultural experience that the friendly locals provide. Truly immersing oneself in the culture and people of The Bahamas makes an all inclusive Bahamas vacation totally worth it.